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If you are a managed account provider or brokerage we can assist you. As a lead generation company we provide qualified leads to you of potential investors. All our potential investors are matched to the best-managed account providers  that suits their requirements, therefore if your offering is recommend you are passed the potential investors details and this ensures that you receive their information at the optimum part of the buying process.
We generate leads for managed account providers through our customer interface online website Acorn 2 Oak FX as well our significantly sized database of potential investors.
Whatever Your Budget We Can Work With You – You only pay for the leads you receive. At the start of every month you decide how many leads you want. The service is easy to manage and easy to control and you stay in full control of your marketing budget.
Spend More Time Talking To The Right Type Of Investor – Fed up of cold calling or carrying out pointless marketing ? Let our team solve this problem for you. We only pass you leads from individuals who require information about your managed account, meaning you will only be speaking to potential investors who are interested in joining your offering.
Let Us Be The Marketing Experts РOur team has been generating leads for managed accounts providers and brokerages  for years. We fully understand how potential investors think and our unique lead generation service is here to help you save time and money as you can benefit from our years of experience in this sector.
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Established in 2014 by a group of online marketers who combined customer profiling with their understanding of digital marketing to develop a fast and effective way of customer generation for managed account providers and brokers.